Falcon 50 Parts

Marklyn Jet Spares has Falcon 50 parts for sale.

Jet Spares has a fully dissembled Falcon 50. If you are in search of a Falcon 50 part, chances are we have it in stock. You can check our entire inventory here. If you do not see the part you are looking for, please give Jason or Nick a call at (214) 350-0107 or send an email.

  • TFE731-3-1C Engines

  • 5003279-3 Main Wheels

  • F50B161B2 LH IB Flap

  • F50B162B2 RH IB Flap

  • F50B163B2 LH OB Flap

  • F50B164B2 RH RH OB Flap

  • C23791-1009 L/H MLG

  • C23792-1009 R/H MLG

  • C23787-1006 NLG

  • F50B134B2 LH OB Slat

  • F50B144B2 RH OB Slat

  • F50B133B2 LH IB Slat

  • F50B143B2 RH IB Slat

  • F50B581101011 LH Inlet

  • F50B581301011 RH Inlet

  • F50B583110D1 Thrust Reverser

  • F50B341A1 L/H Elevator

  • F50B342 R/H Elevator

  • F50B321 Rudder

Marklyn Jet Spares specializes in Dassault Falcon, Astra, Citation, Hawker and Phenom used business aircraft parts.



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