Falcon 2000 Parts

Jet Spares has the largest independently owned inventory of Falcon 2000 parts in the world.

If you’re having difficulty finding a specific Falcon 2000 part, it is likely we have it. Below is a list of the major Falcon 2000 serviceable parts we have for immediate delivery. Complete the form below to request a quote on one of these parts. Or, click here to search our inventory for all of the other Falcon 2000 parts we have in stock.

  • F2MA258001-803 Tailcone Assembly

  • F2MA581100801 Air Inlet Assembly

  • F2MA581200827 RH Upper Cowling Assembly

  • F2MA581260801 LH Upper Cowling Assembly

  • F2MA581260819 LH Lower Cowling Assembly

  • F2MA581260821 RH Lower Cowling Assembly

  • F2MA581870-001 LH Upper Thrust Reverser Door Assembly

  • F2MA581870-002 RH Upper Thrust Reverser Door Assembly

  • F2MA581870-005 Lower Thrust Reverser Door Assembly

  • F2MA581870-005 Lower Thrust Reverser Door Assembly

  • F2MA581700009 RH TR Afterbody

  • F2MA581700013 LH TR Afterbody

  • FGFB295A7 Main Cabin Door Assembly

These freshly overhauled engines are in stock, long-term preserved and ready to hang and fly.

We also have CFE738-1-1B engines to rent, exchange or purchase for your Falcon 2000.

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