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Astra/Astra SP Spares

Astra/Astra SP Parts

Check out our recently expanded inventory of high-quality Astra and Astra SP parts.
Sometimes Astra parts can be hard to find. We know because we operate an Astra, too. That’s why we recently took advantage of the opportunity to increase our inventory. We have more than 1,000 line items in inventory, so chances are very good that we have what you need. Below is a list of the major Astra or Astra SP serviceable parts we have available for immediate sale, exchange or to rent. Or, click here to search our inventory.
  • Engines TFE731-3A-200G

  • RH Inlet F10A-5-B50201-8

  • LH Inlet F10A-5-B50201-7

  • LH Main Landing Gear D25W252002-501

  • RH Main Landing Gear D25W252002-502

  • Nose Landing Gear D25W272006-501

  • RH Aileron 25W181001-502

  • LH Aileron 25W181001-501

  • LH Flap 25W191001-503

  • RH Flap 25W191001-504

  • LH Thrust Reverser F10A-5-B20202-33

  • RH Thrust Reverser F10A-5-B20202-34

  • Hydraulic Pump 40183

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