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Citation III, VI, VII Parts

Citation III, VI, VII Aircraft Parts
Jet Spares provides Citation III, VI and VII parts that can reduce operating costs.
If you’re having difficulty finding a specific Citation III, VI and VII part, it is likely we have it available for immediate sale, exchange or to rent. Below is a list of our major Citation III, VI and VII serviceable parts. Need more Citation aircraft parts? Click here to search our inventory for all of the other Citation III, Citation VI, Citation VII, Citation 551 and Citation 650 parts that we have in stock.
  • TFE731-3-100 Engine

  • 6252019-91 Inlet

  • 735238-20 Inlet

  • 6252120-45 LH Lower Cowling

  • 6252120-47 LH Upper Cowling

  • 6252120-46 RH Lower Cowling

  • 6252120-48 RH Upper Cowling

  • 9914214-3 LH Thrust Reverser Assy

  • 9914214-4 RH Thrust Reverser Assy

  • 9914095-1 Oil Temperature Indicator

  • 9914095-10 Fuel Temperature Indicator

  • 9914095-2 Oil Pressure Indicator

  • 9914095-20 Interturbine Temperature Indicator

  • 9914095-3 Fuel Flow Indicator

  • 9914052-9 Starter Generator

  • 6241100-3 LH MLG Assy

  • 6241100-4 RH MLG Assy

  • 6242010-2 Nose Landing Gear

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